Essenze LAB it’s the renewed concept developed by our team in La Brenta to embrace all the branches of our business. Since our foundation we have addressed our love for wood to the research of seducing beauty. Such research has now taken three main paths. What is unchanged is our purpose to satisfy your requests and to give concreteness to your imagination.

Find out the beauty of uniqueness. The brand Essenze has born in 2009 with our exceptional collection of wooden floors. We firmly address our commitment to the production of high value and sophisticated products, suitable for both public or private luxury estates, all over the world. The strength of Essenze, is the talent and inventiveness of our team, that wisely combines wood and inlays, in order to create marvellous floors.


We strongly believe that customer’s satisfaction must be our main goal, so if you wish you can provide us your desing and we’ll realize it for you. Our team will provide all the support you need and if you have no ideas for a new decor, our Atelier will design and produce the floors, boiserie and forniture that you have always imagined. Essenze Interiors will make your space absolutely unique and exquisite, a place that is tailored for you.


The challenge pushes you toward change and improvement. Essenze Studio is our response to the request of coordinate and develop complete projects, including all the steps from design to installation. Our experts can create the interior design, realize the project and also coordinate all the resources engaged in it. We ensure a qualified consultancy service and a professional interface between designers and providers.


ESSENZE by La Brenta

The beauty of uniqueness

Thanks to a twenty years experience in the wooden inlays field, Marco Galante, founder of La Brenta, could lead his team with effort and fantasy along new paths, reformulating objects and concepts in an inventive way, going through new combinations of many innovative materials. By conjugating the high quality of Italian products together with the professionalism of our artisans and architects, the team can provide complete support to our costumers, from the draft and technical assistance, to the final stages of the project. Essenze, our brand, have its core point in the new collection of inlaid floors.

Here, the main character is not only wood, but the fusion of it with the brightness of resins, the preciousness of marble, the elegance of brass or the concreteness of steel. The result is an exquisite luxury floor, rare example of made in Italy.

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